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Adjectives to describe work

Teacher's notes:

  1. First put students into pairs to describe certain jobs e.g. teacher, nurse, production worker etc.
  2. Tell the students to say whether they are jobs that they would like to do or not.
  3. Once they have discussed this in pairs, open the discussion to the whole group.
  4. Then give the students the handout below to do in pairs.

Answer key:

  1. Stimulating and challenging. Rewarding
  2. Monotonous, mundane
  3. Stressful, satisfying
  4. Gratifying
  5. Motivating
  6. Boring

The activity is on the next page, specifically formatted for easy printing
Just print these two pages and enjoy.

Adjectives to describe jobs:


I. Fill in the gaps with a word from the list above.

  1. I work as a nurse and my job is difficult. I am very interested in what I do and enjoy rising to the challenges it presents. It's _______________________ and _____________. It is also very ______________when I see a patient's smiling face after I have helped him/her.

  2. I work on a production line, I do the same thing every day; my job is______________________. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary ever happens; it's very _____________________.

  3. I usually get to work and already have a mountain of work. I have to think on my feet a lot and use my own judgement. Sometimes I have sleepless nights because of my job. It's __________________. When I do something well and I know that I did a good job, it's very ________________.

  4. I work hard but I get a lot back from my job; I always feel appreciated by my co-workers and by my boss. I feel good about what I do. It's_____________________________.

  5. I always want to get up in the morning and see what has to be done. As soon as I know what has to be done I always want to work and get down to business. It's________________

  6. I never want to get to work; I daydream all of the time. My job is___________________________

With your partner describe your job using the words from the above.

II. From the above sentences, consider what the following mean:

out of the ordinary
to use my own judgment
a mountain of work
to rise to the challenge
to get a lot back
to get down to business

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